Hooker for School Board


This November, our ballots will host names of those who have the influence to change the trajectory of our families – from President, Senate and Congress to state, municipal and local ballot measures. Included on that ballot, is your local school board candidate, Richard Hooker, who has served on the Cleveland County School Board for nearly 25 years. 


An entrepreneur and long-time community servant, Richard Hooker’s re-election to the school board is a vote for experience, leadership and diversity. A U.S. Military veteran and HBCU college graduate, Richard lends a well-rounded perspective to the needs of today’s students. 


However, as 2020 has presented unforeseen challenges to how we view our educational system and processes, Richard remains dedicated to implementing thoughtful initiatives and forward-thinking decisions to help advance Cleveland County Schools. 


Richard’s personal code of ethics include a commitment to servant leadership, accountability, local unity and student progress. Mr. Hooker is the co-founder of Close the Gap, a grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap among students of disadvantaged backgrounds. 


In addition, the Community Math Academy, another organization co-founded by Mr. Hooker, has helped students excel in mathematics to prepare for future learning and careers. These experiences, including leading the Core Group of Cleveland County are proof of an experienced, connected and thoughtful leader.


In Favor of Student Advancemnt


Richard’s dedication to student learning and growth is evident through service and community partnerships. From the Cleveland County Board of Education to beyond Shelby, NC, Richard’s reach and impact through leadership is the example of dedication and persistence required to push Cleveland County Schools forward through 2020.

  • Cleveland County Board of Education, 2004 – present 
  • Cleveland County Board of Education, Elected Vice-Chairman, 2017               
  • NC School Board Action Center, Board of Directors, 2017
  • NC State Board of Education, Advisor, 2013-14 
  • NCSBA District 6, President, 2002      
  • Founding Member, Past President, NC  Black School Board Members
  • Nomination Chair, National Black Caucus, 2012 

Tenured, Respected and Hard-Working

Mr. Hooker has been recognized with various awards and appointments in over 20 years of servant leadership and volunteer service. A decorated entrepreneur and civic citizen, Mr. Hooker is ignited with the fervor and vision to lead our scholars into the future.


  • Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International, 2013 – present
  • Man of the Year Award, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, 2011
  • NC Justice Center Award, 2011                                                    
  • Community Service Award, Close the Gap Committee
  • Distinguished Educator, Distinguished Image Awards. 2011
  • Distinguished Service, Today’s Ebonites Woman Club                                                               
  • Certificate of Achievement, NCIMED Executive Program
  • Rotary Distinguished Service Citation, 2012    
  • Raleigh Dingman Award for School Board Leadership, 2013


  • NC Human Relations Commission – Gov Hunt   
  • NC Human Relations Commission – Gov. Easley
  • NC Dropout Prevention Committee – Gov. Perdue
  • NC Charter School Advisory Committee – Gov. Perdue
  • NC Parent Advisory Committee – June Atkinson

Improving the Educational Future of Cleveland County 

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